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Day 7- Quick Fix for a Ripped Tunic

Guys, I’m the worst!  Except not, but I am posting this a day late (super lame, sorry).  Life just got away from me yesterday and next thing I knew the day was over and I had nothing to refashion!  I went by my favorite thrifty stores this morning and found this awesome tunic for $1!


But alas, there was a reason it was only a dollar…


There were holes all through the bottom portion along the front and back seams.  NOOOOOOOOOO.  So I made a rash decision to just chop it off…


Do I love it… no.  Do I like it… eh.  Do I look like I’m about to step on my scissors… boy howdy do I ever.  Maybe I’ll have to come back to this lovely shirt and find another way to spruce it up… maybe take the trim from the bottom and use it along the hem?  Who knows!

Well, I know I’ve had fun working on this refashion extravaganza over the last week and I want to give a shoutout to Jennifer for joining me on this challenge!  Go check out her blog for some awesome (and often more practical) refashions.  I love her recent t-shirt fix!  If you want to check out any of the other refashions from this week just click on the picture of it below and you can relive the craziness with me!  I’ll be out of the loop for the next week, because I have my Master’s defense, a job interview, and I really want to get some sleep. 🙂  Have a lovely day everyone, tell someone you love them today!

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IMG_1050IMG_1030 IMG_1020 IMG_1011 IMG_0995 IMG_0965[1]


Day 5- Little Black Dress

It’s been another late night and long day, but I am so excited to share tonight’s refashion with you!  It started out feeling thrilled in a little black dress I snagged on clearance in a local consignment store.


I’m in need of something business professional for my thesis defense next week and I think this dress will do the trick!  First, I removed the brass buttons (I’ll be saving those for a future project).


Next, I removed the sleeves and brought the lining up to adjust the fit.  I brought the waist in slightly and took out seams along the hips as much as the seams would allow.


Finally, I brought the sleeves in and cleaned up all the remaining seams.


And then I was just feeling a little Audrey Hepburn, what do ya think?

IMG_1029I was in sore need of a little black dress and I think this will be the perfect thing for my thesis defense next week!  I also have an interview so this might be the dress that helps me finish my graduate degree and get a job!  Do you think one dress can be that lucky?  I sure hope so!  This challenge has been fun and a great distraction during a stressful week.  I have something simple planned tomorrow, but it’ll be fun to see how it turns out! Two days left… happy sewing everyone!  IMG_1030

Brain Melt: Achieved.


Thank you for letting me get that out.  Now, back to fun things. As a celebration of joy and merriment for finishing a draft (albeit not a great draft, but there are 70 pages with writing and graphs and pictures… it’s something) I started a new project.  Enter the best 80’s dress you’ve ever seen:


For once I found something that isn’t crazy big on me, in fact, it was SUPER snug in the waist.  I told Mary I either needed to lose another three pounds or just take it out a little… taking out the waist it is! How to take it out was tricky decision, because I didn’t want to lose the overall integrity of the hour glass shape of the dress (soon to be not-a-dress), but I also like to eat so I have to make some wiggle room.  What I ended up doing was seam ripping the inside panel that goes behind the button holes and opening that up flat. I end up with two button holes and use the one closer to the inside.  The pattern is so crazy you don’t notice the extra button holes! (Is this making any sense?)


The shoulder pads went in the recycle bin.


Next, I decided no human should wear that much turquoise at once so out came the scissors. Chop!


A hem the new bottom edge.


Next, I cut the shoulders in an inch to open up the neckline.


And decided to spiff up the back with a little “cutout”.




I gave everything a clean seam, sewed ribbon to each end of the opening in the back to keep everything from falling off my shoulders, and voila!


I wanted to capture the feeling the moment I hit send and my thesis flew into cyberspace to the editor (aka my awesomesauce sister) and out of my hands for a few days:


Don’t worry, I know I’m a weirdo. Keep an eye out, there are more projects on the way especially now that I will soon have more time on my hands! Wahoo!



The Flower Ballerina Dress.

Hello lovelies!

Are you having a crazy week? I know that was a funny joke, right?  This time of year is sheer madness and with looming thesis deadlines I’ve been crunching numbers and doing science-y (just go with it, my brain is mush) things throughout the day.  To break the monotony, here’s an old refashion from the early days before the blog began!  This is one of my favorites and with the complete lack of sewing happening at my house (all my creative energy went into Christmas presents which were crocheted) I wanted to remember what it was like to sit at my sewing machine and have a tan (this guy is from summer).  Here we go!

Enter this floral number:

image (9)

Cute, right?  Well, it was obviously in need of a little TLC so I trimmed the extra lace, collar, and seam ripped the sleeves.  When this was happening my lovely desert home was averaging 90+ degrees out so a sun dress was appropriate.  I thought this dress would be easy, but turns out when I brought the sides in I underestimated the girls’ girth and had to let out the top few inches (a couple of times).  Still with plenty of room up top I had some trouble keeping the top few buttons done. They’re fully functional which is something I love to look for in potential refashions.  It means I can get a good fit, but I do not have to belt or sash to show off my waist!  With an immeasurable amount of tweaking and rebuttoning I finally just safety pinned the top closed. You can’t even tell and sometimes the quick fix is the best.  The bottom ~18 inches got a solid chop and a few strips turned into straps and ta da!

image (10)

That flouncy skirt made me want to ballerina twirl all day and the flowers made me want to go back to Hawaii. I mean look at that tan!  It means the sun was out once… that will happen again soon, right? You betcha, in three days I’m headed to see my parents (with my handsome fella) in the land of the eternal sunshine, Phoenix!  Sigh.  Can that be right now? Or right now? No?  Oh well, guess I should finish up a section of my thesis and I’ll be one step closer to seeing some of my favorite humans.  Mama Di mentioned that we are going to go to the local Goodwill outlet while I’m down and we may just have to refashion her a few new duds.


Make sure you take some time and really enjoy your day!  I dragged my behind out of bed to practice yoga this morning and it definitely started my day off right!  Quiet, happy moments are just waiting for you among the chaos.  Have a restful night!

The Snowy Day Dress.

Hello lovelies!

I’ve been in a weird, crazy time warp lately.  It feels as if school just started, it was still 80 degrees outside and suddenly I’ve blinked and it is almost Thanksgiving! This is craziness!  Well, long story short I’ve been in a creative funk, but the last week has been amazing for my creative muscles.  My knitting needles have been flying as well as my crochet hook.

Oh hi, my name is Shawn and I can’t get any more awkward… Challenge accepted.


Enter the $1 dress I found on the clearance rack at a local consignment shop.  Honestly, I don’t always mean to take awkward or bad before photos.  Usually I take these late at night or on days where I decided binge watching Netflix trumped shaving my legs or doing my hair.  It happens.  This particular night I had just gotten home from the gym, hence the puffy red face.


First things first it was time to nix the square shoulders and say adios shoulder pads!

IMG_0378The weirdo buttoned on ties went in the scrap bin as well. Next, I wanted to spiff up that neckline.

IMG_0380So I made a cut slightly off-center and pinned the new neckline down.



At this point I brought in the sides about an inch on each side from waist to armpit and secured my new neckline. At least I attempted to, but was having some serious trouble with my machine.  It was acting wonky (that’s a technical term) and I couldn’t get it to sew consistently.  It almost felt like there was something getting stuck down in the bobbin that kept the thread from moving freely. I remembered an entry from Refashionista where her machine was dirty and causing problems, so I took out the screw driver and opened up the bottom of my machine…


In the four months I’ve had this machine I’ve never thought to open it up and dust it out… apparently the gal who owned it before me didn’t either.  15 Q-tips and a lot of sneezing later I had this dust bunny out of my machine.IMG_0384  And my Singer loved me again.


Next, I decided to lighten up the sleeves by removing the trim.  It took about 10 minutes of seam ripping, but it was worth having a clean edge in the end!

IMG_0387Magically sewing the raw edge of the sleeve clean.


And time to make this more interesting!  Part of my creative funk lately felt like I didn’t know how to refashion something for fall.  Summer is easy: take off the sleeves and make it shorter. Instead of the usual straight hem I went with an asymmetrical cut the opposite direction of the neckline.



The sleeves needed to stay, but I wanted to add to the quirkiness of the dress by cutting a slit.  I positioned the sleeve over the arm of a chair and cut a straight line from the edge to the shoulder.



Both the hem and the sleeves were folded over and stitched with clean edges.  And voila, my first fall refashion!  Since it’s -17 degrees out I paired the dress with fleece lined tights (if you live somewhere cold and you don’t have any GET THEM.  They are amazing.), a skinny belt, and boots.


I wasn’t sure about the sleeve decision until I tried the dress on, I think it works! What do you guys think?


And this is why we wear boots out in the country.  And by country I mean the suburbs. IMG_0399 And that crocheting I was talking about, here’s my latest creation, a jumbo infinity scarf!

IMG_0401I wonder what my sisters will be getting for Christmas… 🙂 Happy snow day everyone!  Stay warm and be safe!