Day 7- Quick Fix for a Ripped Tunic

Guys, I’m the worst!  Except not, but I am posting this a day late (super lame, sorry).  Life just got away from me yesterday and next thing I knew the day was over and I had nothing to refashion!  I went by my favorite thrifty stores this morning and found this awesome tunic for $1!


But alas, there was a reason it was only a dollar…


There were holes all through the bottom portion along the front and back seams.  NOOOOOOOOOO.  So I made a rash decision to just chop it off…


Do I love it… no.  Do I like it… eh.  Do I look like I’m about to step on my scissors… boy howdy do I ever.  Maybe I’ll have to come back to this lovely shirt and find another way to spruce it up… maybe take the trim from the bottom and use it along the hem?  Who knows!

Well, I know I’ve had fun working on this refashion extravaganza over the last week and I want to give a shoutout to Jennifer for joining me on this challenge!  Go check out her blog for some awesome (and often more practical) refashions.  I love her recent t-shirt fix!  If you want to check out any of the other refashions from this week just click on the picture of it below and you can relive the craziness with me!  I’ll be out of the loop for the next week, because I have my Master’s defense, a job interview, and I really want to get some sleep. 🙂  Have a lovely day everyone, tell someone you love them today!

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IMG_1050IMG_1030 IMG_1020 IMG_1011 IMG_0995 IMG_0965[1]


2014: A Year in Review

It is officially 2015! Just let that wash over you for a second… 2-0-1-5.  I can’t believe everything that has happened this year and I want to do a recap if for no other reason than for my own sentimental value.


Spencer and I rang in the New Year with friends and family.  Our New Year’s resolution was to “improve our selfie/ussie taking skills”. This was our first attempt. 1526249_627715400622126_1994861072_nJanuary was also the second semester of my Master’s program and consisted of Research Design, Statistics, and a one-on-one intensive archaeology study with my advisor. In preparation for that craziness I met up with my family and spent a few days in Disneyland!  Gah, I wish I was there right now.  We are definitely a Disney family.  My dad was telling a coworker that he was taking his girls to Disneyland for Christmas and they were slightly confused when he told them we were 25, 24, and 22.  I firmly believe there is no such thing as being too old for the magic of Disney.



February was our first Valentine’s day as a couple and we stayed in cooked dinner and watched a movie.  It was lovely.

IMG_2362We also made sure to attend as many Boise State basketball games as possible (Go Broncos!) and use up those free student tickets while we can! We had some fun and some laughs and got judged really hard by the girl sitting behind us at one of the games. 1656240_10202520456309370_325455889_n


I’ll just be straight with you right now, March I was really spoiled.  My parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary and decided to take a trip to Maui to celebrate.  Being the youngest, increasingly sarcastic child that I am I jokingly said they should bring me with them.  My father asked if I could miss school (that’s what grad school is for right?) and he booked me a ticket to go with them.  Yes, I do have the most amazing parents in the world.  If you’re good maybe they will adopt you, but probably not.  I may have encouraged my parents to go into a jewelry store when we had time to kill before dinner, and helped my mom pick out a ring for my dad to give her for their anniversary. (It was half off so really you should be thanking me dad).  They’re adorable.

IMG_2400 IMG_2419 IMG_2434 IMG_2441

March also brought spring break which meant the weather was warm(er) and Spencer and I went on a few hikes and took a few fun snapshots during our vacation.  To top it off, my lovely roomie Mary and I went to a Lady Antebellum concert! (Like I said…spoiled).


April we used my Valentine’s gift from Spencer and saw Wicked! It was amazing and if you have the opportunity to see one musical I’d recommend it. The set is beautiful, the songs are catchy but not in a traditional-sometimes-annoying-musical-way, and it’s just a funny play.  April was also when I decided to chop my hair off. 10157120_10202912298385177_6542114070833033470_n

I liked it, but I’m one of those girls that as soon as I’m done with it short I immediately want my long hair back.  I’ve already told Spencer he’s not allowed to let me do it again.  We celebrated Easter in Boise at one of my favorite places, Legacy Church.



I finished up my semester and made a weekend trip to surprise my grandparents before I started teaching for the summer.  They were quite surprised and it was a fun, quick trip.  Then my third (and final) summer of archaeology field school began. This is my second summer as the graduate assistant and field coordinator for Boise State’s annual archaeology field school.  We take 10-12 undergraduate students into the “wilderness/desert” and introduce them to the in’s and out’s of field archaeology.  Over six weeks they learn how to work with all the necessary field equipment, proper lab processing for all kinds of artifacts, and essentially everything you need to know to conduct an excavation from start to finish.  It’s a crazy experience, but it has been a blast!  These are a couple of shots from the year I was a student.  IMG_0786 IMG_0799 IMG_0838


June was a continuation of field school and my realization that I needed some more creative outlets.  I scoured the interweb for sewing machines and scored a crazy deal getting my machine for $10. I also realized how crazy expensive fabric can be when I made my first maxi skirt (read about that here) and the wheels of refashioning as an alternative began to churn.


July was also a whirlwind of a month. We went to the zoo (feeding giraffes is definitely an honorable mention on awesome 2014 experiences) and flew out the next day to see my parents in Arizona. We went hiking on the 4th of July, ate too much, and played a lot of dominoes.

10438224_10152128671831863_1677391552453761895_nIMG_272410452878_853781667982941_4830309275844133804_o IMG_2741

A week after returning we made our way into the mountains to work as youth counselors at Pine Acres Youth Camp, an outreach our church puts on every summer (we both attended for our entire childhood).  This week was just insanity. I was blessed to spend the week with nine lively 8th grade girls. Our first night, I had multiple girls talking in their sleep, one slept so hard she didn’t wake up to use the restroom (don’t worry we worked it out and none of the other girls were the wiser), and I was up until about three in the morning puking until I couldn’t see straight.  It was a weird night to say the least.  I was so dehydrated the next morning Spencer took me to the ER in the town about ten miles away and I went through two bags of fluids and anti-nausea medication. (On the plus side we both learned that in emergency situations we are both calm and work well together. Booyah! ). The rest of the week was spent keeping up with a cabin full of amazing young women and drinking a lot of Gatorade.

 IMG_2773 IMG_2786


August was (as it seems the whole year was) full of craziness.  We went on a supposed to be four day, but we finished it in two day excavation where I experienced the joy of changing a flat tire for the first time!  That was fun(ish).


I slept for basically three days to recover from camp and the excavation and my parents came to celebrate my 23rd birthday!  We went golfing where my father made his third hole in one!  Pretty fanastical.  There was also a shmancy dinner with excessive eating and merriment.

IMG_2826 IMG_2833IMG_2825IMG_2831


IMG_2838 IMG_2846

We celebrated a year of (amazing) dating by going to the fair where we (decided in retrospect) had our first date.



My last year of graduate school finally began and I decided this was a good time to get my wisdom teeth removed (technically this was August, but the recovery lasted into September).


It wasn’t bad, I managed to do recovery with only Tylenol/Ibuprofen and avoid the strong stuff (I don’t trust my wimpy stomach to keep it down).  After recovering we celebrated the life of an amazing lady, Linda Berg (Spencer’s Mama) and participated in Boise’s Purple Stride, an affiliate of the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, and helped raise money for pancreatic cancer research.  12526_760902083968943_4306392806911290660_nSpencer celebrated his birthday by going to school and work all day, but we managed to sneak in a quick lunch (and spoil him once a week for birthday month.  He wasn’t having it, but I just told him too bad mister). His picture was used in a campaign at school for scholarship donations and they made him into a cardboard cutout. I’m pretty sure that’s a life achievement worthy of a picture.



October was slightly less eventful, surprising I know.  We helped out at our church’s annual Harvest Party and attended/watched all the Boise State football games.  I also had the opportunity to ‘model’ for the local Gap.  It was interesting experience which made me realize I’m super awkward in front of the camera.  It was a good time, but definitely a one time deal.




Football,football, and some football in zeroish degree weather.  What can I say, we love our Broncos!

1966811_10204405320469796_5451623278971811920_n 10590407_10204266866168525_3663957936937752025_n

Thanksgiving was split between my grandfather’s house and Spencer’s grandparents.  It was way too much food, some games, and a lot of laughs.  I finished off the month by making a quick trip up to see my mother’s parents (about a seven hour drive) so Spencer could meet the rest of my family.  I delivered my Grandma Maggie’s Christmas blanket and I think she may have enjoyed the ultra soft yarn I found.134330_945958902098550_759883449864559749_oIMG_0503


The end of the year was filled with frantic thesis writing and a lot of coffee.  I took a break to celebrate a couple of friends from my program graduating and we couldn’t contain the joy of being done (or almost being done)!


We spent Christmas in Boise with Spencer’s family and stuffed ourselves with second dinner at my grandfather’s house.  My parents flew us to Arizona to enjoy some sunshine (which was accompanied by their coldest week of the year) and a trip to the Fiesta Bowl! We goofed around, ate too much, and watched our team win the Fiesta Bowl!  It was a lot of emotions to take in.

10882299_10204692833337438_294425688166620651_n 10417720_10204692831017380_6060139872625152883_n 10407104_10204692904979229_7655531065984746713_n 10420134_10204692884778724_3793632214673618790_n 10353089_10204744502149126_3970730152381238015_n

Going through this year has made me realize just how awesomely spoiled I am.  Don’t worry, I won’t take it for granted, I know not all years are amazing.  Some are full of sadness or loss and some are lucky enough to be like this one.  Whether this year was a full of joy or sadness I hope you take this last year, learn from it, and move into 2015 and remember to love on yourself and love those around you!  Happy New Year!