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The “One” That I Want— Valentine’s Day Card!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you lovely people!

This year Spencer and I decided to do our favorite thing on Valentine’s Day.  Stay home, cook breakfast for dinner, cuddle on the couch and watch a movie.  Nothing expensive, no fighting traffic, and we get to wear our comfy clothes!  I have the best Valentine ever!  🙂

We decided to keep it simple and exchange cards this year so I went with something punny and homemade:

image1 (1)

I followed this tutorial to learn how to fold a dollar bill into a tiny shirt & tie.  I mean come on guys, that’s pretty adorable! I used some extra watercolor paper and a micron pen to construct the card and cartoon.  Extra bonus: this only cost me an hour and a couple of one dollar bills. He definitely is the one that I want (ooo-ooo-ooo).

Tell somebody you love them today!


Arm Knitting Extravaganza!

Happy Monday everyone!

This week is going to be a crazy one. I’m scheduled to work 50 hours this week on an archaeological project so my creativity levels may not be at their peak. I do have an outfit waiting to be refashioned, but it has some tedious details that are going to take some time (it’ll be good guys, promise). In the mean time I want to share some fun I had this weekend!

I am lucky enough to go to church with some awesome ladies and we got together to have a night of yummy food, crafts, and a lot of laughing at my attempts to teach 7 women how to arm knit an infinity scarf at once. If you’ve never attempted arm knitting before check out YouTube (I used this one, she shows you from different angles, super helpful!). There are some great tutorials and anyone can do it!

“Yeah, yeah” you’re saying to yourself “you say anyone can do it, but I’m not a crafty person.” Trust me, it doesn’t matter. Only a handful of the girls had ever done crafts with yarn prior to this weekend and I believe only one knew how to knit. It’s really simple once you get going so don’t be scared by the ominous “knitting” and give it a try. I use Woolease Thick & Quick yarn and you can use either one skein or two for a fuller looking scarf.

Here’s a few pictures from the night:

Deep in concentration.

2015/01/img_0711.jpg Oh wait, a smile! Are we having fun now?
They chose great color combos, love the navy and cream!
And us in our new infinity scarves! Not gonna lie, I was nervous to teach this, but they were patient with their bumbling teacher (I only made two scarves on my own before teaching the group) and it turned out great!

I hope you have a lovely day and go check out how to make an arm knit scarf for yourself! You’ll love it!  Did I mention it only took these guys a little over an hour?  Not bad for their first go at it!  Let me know if you give it a go, leave a comment or a picture, there are a couple of cold months left so why not bundle up in style? 🙂

Crochet Fuzzy Blanket: Christmas Edition

I’m a little late on featuring one of my Christmas projects, but better late than never!  I decided this fella needed something warm to snuggle with when I’m not around so I crocheted another chevron blanket!  My first go was a grey and white version for my grandmother.  The pattern is included in ‘The Warmest Blanket There Ever Was‘ if you want to make one of your own!  Spencer’s is a little bit larger and I varied the stripes in my current obsession: Bernat Blanket Yarn.


This pattern used Sugar Cookie, Country Blue, Dark Grey, and Light Teal. The thin stripes are four rows and the thick stripes are eight. I can’t tell you exactly how many skeins I used, but I would guess 10. IMG_0621[1]

I think he might like it. IMG_0622[1]I love this goof (he said with much reluctance that I could share this awesome picture)… I think the present was a hit!


Writing Break and a Knitting Project!

Hello my lovely blogging friends!

It’s been too long, but I’m sorry to say there is no refashion today, but there are a few DIY projects featured!  I wanted to check in, say hello, and write something that doesn’t have to do with “Prehistoric Mobility along the Snake River: Establishing Mobility Patterns Through Artifact Assemblage Variation”… also known as the dreaded thesis.

Yep, I’m in the archaeology lab and it’s officially 11:55pm.  Don’t worry *cough* Mom *cough*, the building is on a secure key card entry and I’m the only one home. Where is my home you ask?  Well here’s a look at where I’ve been spending WAY too much time lately.


I promise I’m not exaggerating folks, that pile of books has been what I’ve been up to instead of sewing for the last few months. Luckily, there have been some fun moments, like decorating my grandfather’s Christmas tree!  I love all things holiday and this time of year makes me think favorite color may be glitter.  My grandmother loved all thing festive and cheery, she collected the annual Swarovski snowflake ornament and I made sure they got a special place on the family tree this year.


I also convinced my handsome fella we should take a night off and he took me to the local botanical garden to see the Christmas lights!  There are few things I love more than pretty lights, hanging out with that guy, and warm drinks… all of which I was privileged to enjoy!

image2        image1

He has come to realize that pictures are not optional.


Oh, that braided headband I’m wearing, it’s my first knitting project!  It was relatively simple, I used Wool Ease Thick & Quick yarn and used this pattern (it’s in another language, use your Google translate tool!).  It’s a bracelet pattern, but with the chunky yarn and large needles it made for a spiffy headband!  The infinity scarf is just a bunch of double crochets in every other stitch of a chain slip stitched together, also a quick project!  .

My New Year’s Resolution will be something along the lines of coming up with a consistent blogging schedule, alas a few more weeks of thesis writing come first. I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season and find time to enjoy some crafting, sewing, or just a moment of peace and quiet with the people you love!

The Warmest Blanket There Ever Was.

Hello lovelies!  This isn’t a refashion, but an update on my latest project!  The scarf from The Snowy Day Dress isn’t the only thing that’s been on my needle lately, I’ve been working on a few blankets, the first for my maternal grandparents for Christmas!

This whole project started when I was wandering through the yarn aisle at Michael’s (dangerous, I know), and I found Bernat Big Blanket Yarn… literally the softest thing I’ve ever touched.


If you have ever bought one of the super plush micro fleece blankets that’s what this yarn feels like.  The only problem it was originally $9.99.  Fortunately, the yarn department was running a sale and each skein was $6.99.  To top it off I had a 25% off coupon which applied to the purchase so I made out like a bandit. I used the original 4 skeins I purchased and loved it so much I found a deal at Joann’s where I could use another coupon and purchase a boatload of yarn at about half pirce (~$5.50 per skein). Yes, they did pack it into a garbage sized sack, because my name is Shawn and I have a yarn problem.


This blanket requires six skeins and ended up measuring about 5 ft x 5 ft.  I found the basic chevron pattern on All Things Bright and Beautiful blog.  Here’s how I modified the pattern.

(As suggested I worked in multiples of 30)

Using a size U.S. 11/L hook.

Row 1: Ch 130.

Row 2: Sc in the second stitch after the hook, *sc 14, 3sc in the next stitch, sc14, skip two stitches* repeat until the end of the row.

Row 3: Ch 1 to move to the next row, sc, skip stitch, *sc 14, 3sc in the next stitch, sc14, skip two stitches* repeat until the end of the row.

Continue “Row 3” until you’ve reached the desired size! Here’s how mine turned out!

This is about halfway through the project.  You can see in this picture that I left both colors attached to avoid having a knot every six rows along the left edge.  When I wanted to switch colors I sc along the edge to bring the desired color up to the working row.



And here it is laying flat in a wonderfully glowy lighting!



My lovely grandmother and mother modeling for me.


Stay warm everyone and have fun crafting for Christmas!