Hello there.


My name is Shawn and I’m an archaeology graduate student with a need for an (inexpensive) creative outlet. I recently started “refashioning” thrift store clothing as a way to expand my wardrobe and stretch my imagination muscles more often.  I also love to cook, crochet, knit, and attempt all things Pinterest so you’ll see a bit of that mixed in from time to time.

I am a firm believer that anyone can sew (other than a semester of home economics in middle school I have no formal training).  The beauty of repurposing or refashioning thrift store items is that they are so inexpensive you can feel free to try any crazy thing you want!  I’d say a solid 20% of the projects I attempt fail and don’t make it to the blog, but that just means I was being creative and trying  new things.  Be bold, be brave, and try it out!  Finally, I like to think that this blog is for the friends and family (and random world goers who stumble upon it) who wanted to see how I’m producing these crazy transformations.  When you see how it’s done you’ll realize it truly is “Shawn’s Sketchy Dress Shop”.








  1. Dear Lord, I am constantly amazed at your amazingness (another non-word that should definitely exist)!! Some day, you will get Shawn-sized ugly stuff & shrink it into little baby-sized treasures, of this I have no doubt. I have created a monster!


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