Day 7- Quick Fix for a Ripped Tunic

Guys, I’m the worst!  Except not, but I am posting this a day late (super lame, sorry).  Life just got away from me yesterday and next thing I knew the day was over and I had nothing to refashion!  I went by my favorite thrifty stores this morning and found this awesome tunic for $1!


But alas, there was a reason it was only a dollar…


There were holes all through the bottom portion along the front and back seams.  NOOOOOOOOOO.  So I made a rash decision to just chop it off…


Do I love it… no.  Do I like it… eh.  Do I look like I’m about to step on my scissors… boy howdy do I ever.  Maybe I’ll have to come back to this lovely shirt and find another way to spruce it up… maybe take the trim from the bottom and use it along the hem?  Who knows!

Well, I know I’ve had fun working on this refashion extravaganza over the last week and I want to give a shoutout to Jennifer for joining me on this challenge!  Go check out her blog for some awesome (and often more practical) refashions.  I love her recent t-shirt fix!  If you want to check out any of the other refashions from this week just click on the picture of it below and you can relive the craziness with me!  I’ll be out of the loop for the next week, because I have my Master’s defense, a job interview, and I really want to get some sleep. 🙂  Have a lovely day everyone, tell someone you love them today!

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IMG_1050IMG_1030 IMG_1020 IMG_1011 IMG_0995 IMG_0965[1]



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