Day 5- Little Black Dress

It’s been another late night and long day, but I am so excited to share tonight’s refashion with you!  It started out feeling thrilled in a little black dress I snagged on clearance in a local consignment store.


I’m in need of something business professional for my thesis defense next week and I think this dress will do the trick!  First, I removed the brass buttons (I’ll be saving those for a future project).


Next, I removed the sleeves and brought the lining up to adjust the fit.  I brought the waist in slightly and took out seams along the hips as much as the seams would allow.


Finally, I brought the sleeves in and cleaned up all the remaining seams.


And then I was just feeling a little Audrey Hepburn, what do ya think?

IMG_1029I was in sore need of a little black dress and I think this will be the perfect thing for my thesis defense next week!  I also have an interview so this might be the dress that helps me finish my graduate degree and get a job!  Do you think one dress can be that lucky?  I sure hope so!  This challenge has been fun and a great distraction during a stressful week.  I have something simple planned tomorrow, but it’ll be fun to see how it turns out! Two days left… happy sewing everyone!  IMG_1030



  1. Shawna, that is gorgeous! Definitely channeling Audrey Hepburn. Funny how the right clothes can make you feel much more confident.


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