Day 3- Mom Jeans

Welcome back lovely humans!  Do you know what today is? It’s March 1.  And according to my bestie and college roommate Julia, that means it’s socially acceptable to lay outside and tan (unfortunately the weather hasn’t caught up with us yet).  To celebrate this wondrous occasion I decided to work on a piece for my summer wardrobe!

This afternoon started out like this:


Something I never thought I’d purchase was a pair of mom jeans for a dollar from a local consignment store.  (I tucked my shirt for a little extra pizzazz and entertainment). Obviously these puppies are not going to be worn like this, but I am so sad to admit they are stinkin’ comfortable!

First, I took off enough length to put them on and adjust the cuffs to where I would ultimately stitch them in place.  I’d recommend leaving yourself extra like this:


Try them on and then cut more.  You can always cut more later (I did!).  Another trick is to cut one leg and lay it on top of the second.  This way you can cut them evenly and you’ll avoid uneven legs!


Next, they got rolled and stitched to keep the hem from unrolling during wear.

IMG_0914I think they are really cute and simple at this point, but I wanted to add something special.  I used a coupon from Joann’s (never buy anything there full-price, there are always a million coupons online!) and purchased a yard and a half of lace trim. I cut two pieces and pinned them to the cuffs.

IMG_0916I lined up the top of the trim with the stitch on the cuff to hide the thread.  The lace flared out at the bottom slightly more than I had originally anticipated so I ran a second stitch along the bottom of the cuff securing the lace down. Finally I cut the second layer of lace from the trim (it was just too long for my taste.) Here’s a comparison:


A tip when you’re sewing lace to cuffs: make sure to leave yourself slack in the lace and use a wide stitch.  My first cuff I used a very short stitch and there was no give in the cuff when I tried them on.  I had to rip the stitches and reattach the lace so I could still stretch and be comfortable!  And here’s my best hipster impression (I’m not sure why, it’s late, just roll with me here)!

IMG_1008Do hipsters make peace signs or is that just stuck in the 70’s?  Anywho, that’s how I’m celebrating what Julia and I like to pretend to think is the beginning of warm weather.  Hopefully this cold snap figures itself out, because I’m craving sweet tea and laying out in the grass reading a book (that doesn’t have anything to do with school).  Also a shout out to Jennifer who is participating in this week long extravaganza!  She did an adorable job adding paws and cat ears to a sweatshirt (here’s a sneak peak):

Go check out the rest of her post here!  Happy sewing everyone, I’ll see you tomorrow!




  1. I am old and a mom, but I think the mom jeans looked pretty cute in the before too! So cute as lace shorts, Shawn. Snowing heavily here in AZ right now, can’t wait for weekend forecast of loveliness. Beside the point, … Love the inexpensive look you made. Love you too

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  2. I have had such a hard time finding shorts with a length between denim underwear and 90s soccer mom, and somehow I have never thought to just get some thrift store jeans and chop them off. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    1. I hear you! I’m not a fan of the short shorts. I like to have a little extra length so I feel comfortable running around. Glad you’re feeling inspired, have fun making those shorts!


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