Day 2- Maternity Jumper to Maxi Dress

Welcome to Day 2 of my 7 day (I-need-to-get-off-my-butt) challenge.

Let’s just bask in this together for a second, shall we?


Thursday I found another glorious homemade item!  I LOVE the fabric, but the over sized jumper is not doing much for me. I’m thinking in a past life this must have been a maternity jumper, because the middle is quite roomy.


First, I used my handy, dandy seam ripper to open up the inseam.


I wanted to tackle the extra width next so brought the outer seams in about an inch and a half on each side from armpit to waist.  While checking the fit I realized if I flipped the front and back I would have a nice high neck and low scoop back so I switched my focus onto how I could convert the pant legs into the skirt of a dress.  I cut the back open,


And removed the darts from the original front side of the dress.  The pleats were causing the back of the dress to billow so by removing them I was going for a smoother finish.

Darts before…


Darts after! (I very unceremoniously tore the darts out. If I had been patient I would have walked across the room and used my seam ripper).


I cleaned up the rough edge and brought the fabric together to the original width. Next, a few things happened that were not documented well (apologies).  I turned the front inseam into a slit by only sewing the upper half closed and leaving about a foot and a half slit for movement.


I also made a seam down the centerback making a single seam from the top of the dress along the back inseam. Finally, I removed some length so I wouldn’t have a train.


And here she is! (I just realized I call clothes “she”, is that weird?)


I’m not sure about the length, but I figured it was fun to try something long for once.  You may be seeing this one make a reappearance in the future to lose some length for summer!  How are my fellow challenge participants doing?  I had a few people ask if they can participate if they can’t commit to a week. Answer: Of course!  It’s all about making a goal and sticking to it.  Happy sewing everyone, I’ll see you tomorrow!




  1. Super cute! By the way, I posted my first refashion of the week on my blog — — and the Refashion Co-op. I give you permission to copy the photo for your blog, if you would like — letting your readers who is joining you in your awesome challenge. 🙂


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