Pick-me-up Refashion Challenge!

Hello lovely humans!

What have you been up to lately?  Personally, I’ve been sitting on my booty, feeling slightly overwhelmed at the impending doom of 4pm on March 10(thesis defense day), and avoiding doing most things society would consider “productive”.  I like to blame my glum mood on the weather, it’s been gray, cold, and I’m ready to bask in the sun again. Like this:


Wait, you mean I can't just fly to Hawaii right now?  How was this a year ago?! It seems like it was yesterday!

To remedy my lack of productivity, I’ve decided to challenge myself and do one refashion every day for the next week!

Boom! Motivation!

Why? Why would I do this to myself during a time when I’m obviously overwhelmed and stressed?  Here’s my logic: It is very easy to binge watch an entire season of Law and Order: SVU (which I may have done over the last three days), sit on the couch, and waste a day without realizing it.  When I take the time to work on a sewing project it usually doesn’t take more than an hour and I always feel super accomplished at the end!  If I spend an hour of my day being productive on fun things, hopefully it will seep into the other areas of my life and I’ll quit dragging my feet on prepping for my defense!  This is solid logic, right?

Anybody else out there need a pick-me-up?  You should join me and let me know what challenge you’ve set for yourself for the next week.  Maybe you don’t sew, find something you like that will foster your creativity and hopefully it will boost your productivity, too.

Maybe I’m being crazy.  I guess we’ll have to find out in a week!



  1. I’m in! I think you wrote this post about me!!! Except I binge with Criminal Minds and refuse to remove a sleeping cat at my side. I have all these work in progress projects and I know I can complete them with a few hours of attention. You need motivation. I need motivation. 🙂

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  2. This is a great idea! I would like to join in except that I don’t know if I’ll be able to refashion a complete piece every day for a week and take care of 2 young children. Perhaps I can try 4 pieces in a week? Is that acceptable for this challenge?

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      1. Sorry I didn’t forget signing up for the refashions. I got a big flu the day after I signed up and I have been really behind in everything so I didn’t have time to sew/refashion. No worries! I’m fine now and I just started the Refashioning 4 things in a week yesterday. Will keep posting them on my blog and I’ll be mentioning your blog too! 😉

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