Day 1- Recycling a Torn Blouse

Alright beautiful people, let’s get this challenge going!

In light of my week long challenge I went to one of my favorite consignment stores and scored big time!  As I was checking out the shop owner asked if I wanted a blouse she had been trying to give away. It was too small for me so I didn’t attempt to put in on for fear of never being able to get out.

It was torn in a couple of places so she didn’t want to donate it, but she didn’t want to throw it away either! Bless her heart she let me have it for free!


You know how much I love inexpensive shopping, there was no way I was going to turn down this pretty floral fabric for FREE!  First things first, I cut the body of the shirt just below the waistband.

IMG_0932[1]Next, I cut the loop open, laid the fabric flat, and cut the strip in half.


Finally, I sewed one end of the pieces together and knotted the other (so I could adjust the length depending on the day). IMG_0937[1]

And voila!


Infinity scarf for the win!  It’s not super full, but it’ll be a nice pop of color for those warm spring days I keep dreaming about! What other ways have you taken a seemingly unsalvageable item and made it into something new?  If you want to join me on my week long effort to avoid the couch and get your creative juices flowing leave a comment letting me know what you’re going to do!  I’ll see you tomorrow!



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