The Shoulder Pad Saga Continues.

Hello friends!

The saga of the 80’s shoulder pads continues with this sassy hot pink number:


I’ll be honest, I don’t remember the succession of events that led to this photo, but we’ll just call it “expressing my inner cactus”.

image2Surprise, surprise, the sleeves were the first thing to go.


Followed closely by their friends the shoulder pads.


The next trick is something I did with my men’s shirt to shirt dress refashion (check it out).  I used a dress that fits me (well it fit me about ten pounds ago, but I love the shape so I’m going to use it and add a seam allowance). I turned the pink dress inside out and laid the blue dress on top.


I used the blue dress as a guide to cut the pink dress into a more flattering shape.


[Insert sewing machine noises and commentary here.]


And then a few things happened that went undocumented (mostly because I was cutting things off the dress while I was wearing it… and I don’t have three hands to photograph at the same time). I removed the button from the left shoulder and the lower button on the waist.  I also cut the extra panel of pink on the skirt to expose more of the stripes. Finally, I threw on a bandeau and tucked the top to create a V-neck action. And voila!


And there she is!  Not gonna lie guys, the sleeve edges are still raw, but I’ll probably wear this with a sweater to church or on a date anyway, so I figured they could be a little sketchy.  Now, I’m off to send the dreaded thesis to my committee (and hope they don’t tell me I need to start over since I am defending (hopefully) on March 6).  I’m so ready for this to be over!  Have you ever spent so much time on a project and gotten to the point where you know it could be 100x better, but you know it just needs to be done?  That’s where I’m at with my thesis.  Now I’m going to quit complaining to you lovely people and go get on with the final tweaks.  Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine!




  1. Why thank you ladies! I loved the color so I couldn’t pass it up! I was originally going to try and keep a high square neck, but after bringing the waist in it just didn’t look right. I think it turned out alright! 🙂


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