Crazy Floral Wrap Skirt

Hello lovelies!

The sun came out today for a minute and it’s making me day dream about summer, graduation, and not being pasty white!  Soon my friends… soon it will be here!  In the mean time, I thought I’d brighten up the day some sewing fun.  It started with this lovely jacket (I scored it for 3.75)! Boo yah!  The fabric is quite thick and reminds me of upholstery fabric or something you would use as drapes. And yep, you guessed it, it’s a crazy floral pattern.


I was obviously feeling extra photogenic today.  I started by laying the jacket out and seam ripping the peplum from the body of the jacket.


Next, I laid the two pieces so the top of the original inside panel lined up with the bottom of the original outside panel.


I sewed the two panels together and gave the skirt a clean top and bottom seam.


I did a little wrap magic, safety pinned the top together, and voila!


I wanted to see what it looked like with flats and as I was getting ready for the photo a woman in a trench coat walked by and proceeded to stare in the window.  Obviously, I had to stare back.


And that is what I have for you!  I have some fun plans for the top half, but that is for another day! I’m off to hang out with some awesome humans, eat some pizza, and have a game night!   I hope you enjoy the sunshine and I’ll be posting some fun Valentine’s Day card ideas for you later in the week!  (It may or may not involve dollar bill origami… it’s gonna be adorable.)




  1. Aaaah, THAT’S how you gained fair enough material for a skirt AND keeping the top for future plans!
    Well done – all thumbs and toes up: you seem to be a ‘fighter’ not shy of work!

    LG, Gerlinde

    Liked by 1 person

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