No Sew Flower Kimono

I think I’m a season behind, but I’ve seen a lot of “kimonos” or wraps in the Pinterestland lately.  When I say kimono I don’t mean this:

I mean something like this:

I happened to find a dress/coverup combo at the thrift store a few months back (for a whopping $1.54) and as an ensemble it was slightly overwhelming! (and a horribly off color photo, sorry guys.)

IMG_0247So I paired it with black skinny jeans, a tank, and my favorite Toms! Not bad for a fraction of the price of the original!  It originally had long sleeves, but they were super long (wah wah, the woes of being a shrimpy human) so I just cut them off!  Yes, the edges fray, but I know there are things out there to keep that from happening, I just don’t know what they are. Any hints?


Now I’m off to eat a lot of yummy food (check it out) and hang out with some of my favorite humans!  Have a happy Sunday!  IMG_0791



  1. So, was the kimono-esqe top a separate piece, or was it connected to the dress? I like the sheerness of it and the colors-much better on it’s own than with the dress portion. That was a little overwhelming. It looks great over pants and tank.


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