The Flower Ballerina Dress.

Hello lovelies!

Are you having a crazy week? I know that was a funny joke, right?  This time of year is sheer madness and with looming thesis deadlines I’ve been crunching numbers and doing science-y (just go with it, my brain is mush) things throughout the day.  To break the monotony, here’s an old refashion from the early days before the blog began!  This is one of my favorites and with the complete lack of sewing happening at my house (all my creative energy went into Christmas presents which were crocheted) I wanted to remember what it was like to sit at my sewing machine and have a tan (this guy is from summer).  Here we go!

Enter this floral number:

image (9)

Cute, right?  Well, it was obviously in need of a little TLC so I trimmed the extra lace, collar, and seam ripped the sleeves.  When this was happening my lovely desert home was averaging 90+ degrees out so a sun dress was appropriate.  I thought this dress would be easy, but turns out when I brought the sides in I underestimated the girls’ girth and had to let out the top few inches (a couple of times).  Still with plenty of room up top I had some trouble keeping the top few buttons done. They’re fully functional which is something I love to look for in potential refashions.  It means I can get a good fit, but I do not have to belt or sash to show off my waist!  With an immeasurable amount of tweaking and rebuttoning I finally just safety pinned the top closed. You can’t even tell and sometimes the quick fix is the best.  The bottom ~18 inches got a solid chop and a few strips turned into straps and ta da!

image (10)

That flouncy skirt made me want to ballerina twirl all day and the flowers made me want to go back to Hawaii. I mean look at that tan!  It means the sun was out once… that will happen again soon, right? You betcha, in three days I’m headed to see my parents (with my handsome fella) in the land of the eternal sunshine, Phoenix!  Sigh.  Can that be right now? Or right now? No?  Oh well, guess I should finish up a section of my thesis and I’ll be one step closer to seeing some of my favorite humans.  Mama Di mentioned that we are going to go to the local Goodwill outlet while I’m down and we may just have to refashion her a few new duds.


Make sure you take some time and really enjoy your day!  I dragged my behind out of bed to practice yoga this morning and it definitely started my day off right!  Quiet, happy moments are just waiting for you among the chaos.  Have a restful night!



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