Writing Break and a Knitting Project!

Hello my lovely blogging friends!

It’s been too long, but I’m sorry to say there is no refashion today, but there are a few DIY projects featured!  I wanted to check in, say hello, and write something that doesn’t have to do with “Prehistoric Mobility along the Snake River: Establishing Mobility Patterns Through Artifact Assemblage Variation”… also known as the dreaded thesis.

Yep, I’m in the archaeology lab and it’s officially 11:55pm.  Don’t worry *cough* Mom *cough*, the building is on a secure key card entry and I’m the only one home. Where is my home you ask?  Well here’s a look at where I’ve been spending WAY too much time lately.


I promise I’m not exaggerating folks, that pile of books has been what I’ve been up to instead of sewing for the last few months. Luckily, there have been some fun moments, like decorating my grandfather’s Christmas tree!  I love all things holiday and this time of year makes me think favorite color may be glitter.  My grandmother loved all thing festive and cheery, she collected the annual Swarovski snowflake ornament and I made sure they got a special place on the family tree this year.


I also convinced my handsome fella we should take a night off and he took me to the local botanical garden to see the Christmas lights!  There are few things I love more than pretty lights, hanging out with that guy, and warm drinks… all of which I was privileged to enjoy!

image2        image1

He has come to realize that pictures are not optional.


Oh, that braided headband I’m wearing, it’s my first knitting project!  It was relatively simple, I used Wool Ease Thick & Quick yarn and used this pattern (it’s in another language, use your Google translate tool!).  It’s a bracelet pattern, but with the chunky yarn and large needles it made for a spiffy headband!  The infinity scarf is just a bunch of double crochets in every other stitch of a chain slip stitched together, also a quick project!  .

My New Year’s Resolution will be something along the lines of coming up with a consistent blogging schedule, alas a few more weeks of thesis writing come first. I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season and find time to enjoy some crafting, sewing, or just a moment of peace and quiet with the people you love!



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