The Snowy Day Dress.

Hello lovelies!

I’ve been in a weird, crazy time warp lately.  It feels as if school just started, it was still 80 degrees outside and suddenly I’ve blinked and it is almost Thanksgiving! This is craziness!  Well, long story short I’ve been in a creative funk, but the last week has been amazing for my creative muscles.  My knitting needles have been flying as well as my crochet hook.

Oh hi, my name is Shawn and I can’t get any more awkward… Challenge accepted.


Enter the $1 dress I found on the clearance rack at a local consignment shop.  Honestly, I don’t always mean to take awkward or bad before photos.  Usually I take these late at night or on days where I decided binge watching Netflix trumped shaving my legs or doing my hair.  It happens.  This particular night I had just gotten home from the gym, hence the puffy red face.


First things first it was time to nix the square shoulders and say adios shoulder pads!

IMG_0378The weirdo buttoned on ties went in the scrap bin as well. Next, I wanted to spiff up that neckline.

IMG_0380So I made a cut slightly off-center and pinned the new neckline down.



At this point I brought in the sides about an inch on each side from waist to armpit and secured my new neckline. At least I attempted to, but was having some serious trouble with my machine.  It was acting wonky (that’s a technical term) and I couldn’t get it to sew consistently.  It almost felt like there was something getting stuck down in the bobbin that kept the thread from moving freely. I remembered an entry from Refashionista where her machine was dirty and causing problems, so I took out the screw driver and opened up the bottom of my machine…


In the four months I’ve had this machine I’ve never thought to open it up and dust it out… apparently the gal who owned it before me didn’t either.  15 Q-tips and a lot of sneezing later I had this dust bunny out of my machine.IMG_0384  And my Singer loved me again.


Next, I decided to lighten up the sleeves by removing the trim.  It took about 10 minutes of seam ripping, but it was worth having a clean edge in the end!

IMG_0387Magically sewing the raw edge of the sleeve clean.


And time to make this more interesting!  Part of my creative funk lately felt like I didn’t know how to refashion something for fall.  Summer is easy: take off the sleeves and make it shorter. Instead of the usual straight hem I went with an asymmetrical cut the opposite direction of the neckline.



The sleeves needed to stay, but I wanted to add to the quirkiness of the dress by cutting a slit.  I positioned the sleeve over the arm of a chair and cut a straight line from the edge to the shoulder.



Both the hem and the sleeves were folded over and stitched with clean edges.  And voila, my first fall refashion!  Since it’s -17 degrees out I paired the dress with fleece lined tights (if you live somewhere cold and you don’t have any GET THEM.  They are amazing.), a skinny belt, and boots.


I wasn’t sure about the sleeve decision until I tried the dress on, I think it works! What do you guys think?


And this is why we wear boots out in the country.  And by country I mean the suburbs. IMG_0399 And that crocheting I was talking about, here’s my latest creation, a jumbo infinity scarf!

IMG_0401I wonder what my sisters will be getting for Christmas… 🙂 Happy snow day everyone!  Stay warm and be safe!




  1. holy moly! such a creative brain. Just enough tweaking to make it adorable, but not so much that you tore your hair out. Like it alot. Don’t forget your mother at Christmas-time. I think I may deserve a refashioned item. think about it.

    Liked by 1 person

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