The Betty Crocker Dress.

I’m not usually a Halloween kinda gal, but a costume practically fell in my lap. l bake, sew, and I love to wear pretty dresses and heels. So, a Betty Crocker costume it is! Enter the perfect dress:


And it came with some lovely details, check out the back!


This dress didn’t take much since it already fit well. The shoulder pads had to go.

This left the shoulder-to-waist length too long for this short stack so I cut along the shoulder seam, folded the strap under, and sewed the new-improved-shorter shoulders closed.  The picture documentation broke down a little at this point. Here’s the back before:


The length was a little heavy and I’m fairly certain no human should be covered head-to-toe in a large floral pattern.


And after the big cut.


And enter the awkward prom dress (I promise I felt as weird wearing it as this picture conveys).


It wasn’t the outside of this dress which caught my attention, but the underskirt.

IMG_0285My Betty Crocker/Susie Homemaker costume needed a little fluff so I cut the underskirt out of the prom dress,


I cut it to match the waist-to-hem length and hand stitched the tulle into the waistband.


And my costume was complete with a vintage apron I found in San Francisco a few years ago.


And my favorite Betty Crocker cookbook!


And sans apron…

IMG_0303 IMG_0300

So there she is!  I’m baking cakes for my church’s annual harvest party so the costume will not only be fun for me, but appropriate for my volunteer duties. I hope you all have fun finding thrifty Halloween costumes! Be creative, have a blast, and share your creations with me! 🙂




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