Hot Pocket.

During my thrifting extravaganza in Paisley For Dayz I scored this $0.50 dress.


How else can you take a picture in a dress with that glorious pocket? Correct answer: there is no other way.  I imagined this frumpy frock becoming a super sassy dress and I started by removing the straps and creating a sweetheart neckline.


And then brought up the hem a few inches.


And attached some straps made of the fabric from the bottom of the skirt.

IMG_0114[1]I tried the dress on and realized this was not working.  The top was awkwardly gaping.  The straps were too far to the sides. The buttons were coming up a little too high.  I was having a moment where I didn’t think this was going to turn out.  And then I decided to get real crazy. It was a fifty cent dress so why not, right? Out came the pinking shears and I made a slightly terrifying cut.

IMG_0116[1]And it turned out better than I imagined!


Goes to show that sometimes you have to give up the idea you had for yourself and let something better happen.  Just change your perspective a little and you’ll get a sassy skirt instead of a dress!

IMG_0120[1]Now my awkward pocket is just kind of quirky.  And if you couldn’t tell already I’m all about the quirk.

I wanted to give a quick shout out and HUGE thank you to everyone who has been keeping up with the blog.  I really can’t believe the support, compliments, and encouragement I’ve received since I started sharing this refashion journey.  You guys are amazing and it has been a blast to share these with you!  I hope it inspires you to go out and find a way to improve the world around you.  Maybe that just means cutting up a dress with an awkward pocket and making it into something new. Or it could be as simple as telling someone you appreciate them today. It all makes the world a little brighter.  Thank you everyone, have a beautiful day!




  1. Hi!
    You know what?
    I think you chose well! It is better as a skirt!!
    The buttons on the side, and the quircky pocket take it to another level!
    Great refashion! ❤
    Kisses from Portugal!

    Liked by 1 person

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