Little Prairie Dress.

I was channeling my inner Laura Ingalls when I donned this lovely “prairie dress”.  It just seems like something she would have worn if it had a slightly higher neckline and long sleeves for her life on the frontier.


I know it’s terribly wrinkled in these, but I took out my iron for the first time in a couple years (I just fluff everything in the drier) and I burned myself. Call me a wuss, but I didn’t feel like ironing this in the glorious before pictures.


So there she is. First things first, I needed to bring this size 10 in a smidge, but my usual go-to of bringing in the sides wouldn’t work.  This dress has a zipper on the right seam.  So I worked with the construction of the dress and brought both of the back dart/seams (I’m sorry I don’t know the proper terminology) in ~1 inch each.


There’s the back


There’s the pins along one of the seams that goes from the back of the sleeve to the bottom of the dress.   I just brought the seam in to give the dress more shape. Next, those lovely sleeves went to the bag-o-scraps. I’ll have to figure out something to do with all these sleeves and shoulder pads… that’s for another day.


Then to make the straps narrower I cut along the shoulder and folded in the outer half and cleaned up the entire seam around the arm.


And here’s the arm pinned and ready to be sewn!


And because it’s supposed to be 80 degrees out today the length had to go. To keep the shape of the hem I measured 16 inches from the hem at each seam and marked it with chalk.


And cut!

IMG_0050[1]The bottom was hemmed. And voila!


I promise I wasn’t trying to go Vogue on you guys, I just have this horrible habit of putting my hands on my hips whenever a camera goes up… like this:


So I thought I’d at least let you guys have a decent before and after.  I promise I’ll do better about the “barbie arms”. I’m off to spend the day in the lab and possibly stop by my favorite thrift shop later, because I have no self control. Have a lovely day!




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