The Substitute Dress.

This was not the dress that was supposed to happen next.  In fact, I have another dress from last night which was dyed, dyed again, disassembled, partially reassembled, and I gave up.  I fully intend on finishing it… just not right now.  Today I wanted something easy, a dress that didn’t make me talk to myself like a crazy person. Last night I was saying very rude things to my sewing machine. This even happened at one point:


The banana made me feel better about eating Nutella straight from the jar. I was “in a mood” as my mother would say. Then today I remembered… I enjoy sewing. Weird how we can forget things so quickly when faced with a challenging situation.  I wanted to remember why I am doing this so I chose a less challenging refashion.

And enters this $0.50 dress…


Of the dresses I’ve refashioned so far this one is definitely one of the easiest.  It wasn’t bad to begin with, it has a nice print, I love the fuscia/wine color, and it doesn’t have any defects.  It’s just way too big and the neckline is a little too “Talbots” for a 23 year old.

First things first, I put the dress on inside out and pinned the sides in to create a better fit. The black yarn shows where I pinned, I did this on both sides.

IMG_0001[1]I brought the sides in


And hemmed the bottom ~2 inches.


*Insert sewing machine noises here*

And I brought the neckline down a few inches.

IMG_0007[1]Why yes, those are new scissors thank you for noticing! My old ones were so dull they wouldn’t cut thread… it was time. I flipped the dress over and pinned the new neckline down.


Then the other side…


And everything was sewn into place!

IMG_0006[1]And then that was fine, but it was a little boring. So I cut, pinned, and sewed again…

photo (1)And ended up with this!


That’s my “it’s nothing crazy, but it’s cute” face.  So there you go.  I’m out of my funk, I remembered that I enjoy this silly sewing thing, and now I’m off to spend a the evening working in the lab.  I’ve officially declared this “the week of getting crap done”… feel free to join me in a ridiculously productive week!

Image (1)



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