Paisley for Dayz.

Hello World.

The last week at school has really kicked my trash so I needed to have some fun last night. After finishing my work in the archaeology lab I went to my favorite thrift store and scored… big time. I left with five pieces for $4.43.  Yep. Love it.

I had seen today’s dress the last few times I went in (I wonder why no one else took it…), but finally it was on clearance and I bought it for a whopping $0.50.


Heads up, things are going to get PG for a second, so if you have a sensitive disposition, I’m sorry.  I just had to show you how awkward this dress really was.  It’s trying to be a wrap dress with a polo collar and a slit up to the knee… I just don’t understand…

First things first, I cut off that extra tie on the left, we won’t be needing it.


I used my handy, dandy roller cutter to lop off that collar.




I cut the length off just above that lovely slit.


There she goes!


Next, I cut off that extra side flap from my risque picture earlier.  I’m making this into a one shoulder number so the extra arm hole isn’t necessary.


At this point I put the dress on inside out so I could make this dress fitted (it has a side zipper making this possible, woohoo!)  I made the arm hole smaller and brought the dress up by taking ~1 inch from the shoulder. (Right about this point I forgot to take a few pictures that would have been nice, sorry guys). I also pinned down the sides making the fit snug, but comfortable. I folded down the back of the dress to create the diagonal one shoulder seams. Next comes that trim you loved so much.


I cut it into strips using the pattern as a guide.


I pinned and sewed that lovely red and black piece to the neckline, bringing the front up enough to cover the girls and attaching the side of the dress. (sorry, forgot pictures again…)

The green sections were both cut and sewn together to make a belt.


And the bottom was hemmed.

Voila! A lovely dress for me to have lunch with my guy today.


And the back! My bun makes my hair look like it’s actually long again… IMG_3121

As you may notice the “belt” I talked about is missing in these pictures. That’s due to the fact that both my mother and boyfriend’s first reactions were “why are there watermelons on your dress?” So some editing took place before the picture session. I should maybe, definitely be working on my thesis tonight, but I spent about five hours in the lab today and my brain is fried. So I’m off to have Mac’n’Cheese and chicken nuggets for dinner like the third grader I am.  Then another refashion will most likely be happening… I think I officially have a problem.




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