The Three Seam Challenge.

My goal tonight is to prove to the world that anyone can refashion. If you have a sewing machine and an hour you’ve got this in the bag. Tonight is simple, but it goes to show a little tweaking can go a long way.   I’m about to look way too excited in an oversized men’s dress shirt. You ready? Bam!


This is my “you silly people can do this too” face.

IMG_3032The color is off in the pictures, but it’s a gorgeous emerald.  Green is my favorite color and it works well with a lot of my fall wardrobe. First, I took a tunic dress that fits me well and laid it flat on the inside-out shirt.


I used this to outline my would-be dress in chalk.


During this process I noticed the former owner had written their name along the seam with the buttons.  Sorry Langerack, but this is mine now!

IMG_3037Snip, snip, snip, I cut just outside the chalk line as a seam allowance.

IMG_3039I pinned the two halves together and cut the arms to where they’d hit me just above the elbow when rolled.

IMG_3040Now, this is why I say anyone can do this.  This refashion took a total of three straight seams. I started on the end of the sleeve sewing towards the armpit,


lifted my presser foot at the armpit leaving the needle in the fabric, swiveled the shirt to begin sewing down each side.


Where I have my finger pointing is the point where the sleeve and body meet in the armpit where this swivel maneuver takes place.


Next the length was a little awkward so I brought it above the knee.  Again, I muffed with the length trying to go too quickly.  It’s fine, it’s just a little short, but I figure since it’s almost tights/leggings season it’ll be perfect. Here she is!


And with my favorite comfy sweater.  Crazy things are happening in this picture with the collar and such, but you guys can go with it right?


Alright everyone, there’s your three seam challenge. I believe in you! Go make yourself a fabulous new shirt dress for fall. Image



    1. A possible solution to remedy that would be to make the shirt less fitted than I made it, leave it more oversized, and then belt it in. It’ll give you more flow and room to move, but the belt will add some shape!


  1. Reblogged this on Sewchet and commented:
    Meet Shawn. Shawn is an inspiration and I challenge ANYONE not to be motivated to try their hand at sewing after reading her blog.
    She just proves that, with a lot of imagination but very little cash, you can do huge things.
    The way she transforms the ugliest charity shop finds into cute new garments is amazing; check this post out:


  2. good color choice. i’m sure it looks great with your beautiful green eyes. Do you think Langerack worked in the college cleaning bathrooms? or perhaps Mountain Home Air Force Base feeding the troups. My next goal is to get back down to Shawn-size so I can get stuff from my thrift stores and you can build me a new wardrobe for $50. or perhaps if I can do it, I will buy you an us-sized dress form! Sound good? Again, you amaze me in so many wonderful ways.


  3. So cute!! Pinned it!

    I was wondering if you did anything with the shoulders. I’m assuming a 2x male is built slightly different than you.. 🙂


      1. I left the shoulders as is! I just brought it the sides and the arms. The point where the body and the sleeve sits low on my shoulders, but it doesn’t mess up the fit. 🙂 I’ve got a new outfit posting on my blog tomorrow, make sure to check it out! Let me know if you try a shirt dress of your own!


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