Losing Wisdom.

The idea of anesthesia completely freaks me out.  It gives me the heebie jeebies and this morning I was scheduled to get my wisdom teeth pulled (ironically, my dad is an anesthesiologist so I know it’s safe, it’s just weird).  Last night I desperately needed a distraction so I decided rather than continuing to binge watch old seasons of Project Runway, I’d tackle that lovely blue top from Dear Mama Smurf.  Remember this gem? 

image (20)

Previously, I used the skirt to create a dress so the blouse was up for grabs. This refashion was relatively straight forward. I didn’t do an impeccable job at documenting the process, but here’s what I have.

I removed those darling sleeves and brought the sides in ~3 inches on each side and cleaned up the hem on the arm openings.  This left me with this satisfactory, yet terribly boring top.  (My apologies for the poor picture quality, I’m getting a phone upgrade in two weeks! First phone in three years, woop woop!)

photo 1

Snoozefest. Snoresville. Can I get a side of something exciting with that, please? You got it, dude. That means, it’s another session of  “Shawn’s Sketchy Dress Shop”. I cut the seams across the shoulders—separating the front and back half of the top— and created a V in the back of the tank.  I hemmed the raw edges of the straps to create a 5 inch gap between where the front and back ends met.  Using some extra ribbon from last weeks project I attached three pieces of ribbon to the backside of each strap.

photo 2

Next, I brought the crew neckline down a titch, attatched the ribbon to the front half of the strap,  and voila! My new tank. Please, excuse the puffy face, my cheeks are still pouting about having my teeth pulled this morning (but the free milkshake from Westside Drive Inn helped! Eek!). This one was a great distraction and a simple piece to add to the closet for fall.

  photo 2 (1) photo 3

I love the summer (I love being warm and tan!), but I look forward to big comfy sweater and boot season all year!  Good luck to everyone who went back to school today, I believe in you! And if you think it’s going to be a long semester just remember it’s only 121 days until Christmas!

 image (22) 

And to make you smile here’s where I was about 10 hours ago… I wonder if I can refashion that adorable ice pack/headband?




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