Dear Mama Smurf.

 This beauty only set me back fifty cents, so considering I’ll get two outfits I’d say Julia and I did some solid bargain shopping last week. 

image (20) image (21)

Luckily, the waist of the skirt was only slightly snug when I put it on as a dress, so the alterations I had in mind were perfect. My first move was to measure to the center of the waistband and cut approximately three inches down to create the sweetheart cut. This loosened the neckline enough that it no longer pinched my underarms— yippee for no armpit rolls! 

image (23)

I quickly stitched the neckline and folded 1-1/2″ black satin ribbon in half over the neckline.  This served three purposes: it covered the sloppy hem I had just created, broke up the monotony of blue fabric, and would hide the mess I was about to make taking out some of those darn pleats across the front.  

image (25)

When I slipped it on after adding the ribbon I quickly realized 32DDs and a line of untamed pleats were not going to jive.  The next few steps got a little sketchy and I wasn’t sure this dress would survive my meddling (below).  I left the center pleat alone, but cut along the hem to the left and right taking out the three pleats to either side of the center.  I pulled the excess fabric to the back stitching the extra fabric to the posterior side, leaving the front of the dress with a smooth neckline. 

image (26)All turned out well with the removal of the pleats, so I added straps and returned the button to it’s rightful place on the outside of the ribbon/trim, just above the zipper.  

image (28) image (29) 

I added some shape by throwing the extra yard of ribbon around my waist and finishing it off with a bow.  The length is a little longer than I would have normally left it, but that’s because this beauty will be going to Miss Julia who’s about 5’10″(I’m 5’1-1/2″, hence the 4″ wedges), so I needed to give her a little more length. 

image (30) image (31)

Next I’m off to tackle that lovely turtleneck! Thanks for visiting, I hope you make today beautiful! 

image (21)



  1. you know I love me some blue paisley, Shawn. 50cents?! seriously thriftin’. i think you should also make blouses, is that in the future plans?


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