The Mystery of the Missing Pockets.

One of my loveliest friends came into town today and decided to treat me to a birthday pedicure.  Therefore, I obviously needed a sassy, comfortable outfit for grabbing Starbucks and getting my toes did. Enter stage left: the red dress.

image (18)

When my roommate took this picture for me the first words out of her mouth were: “That’s a lot of red”.  I knew when I bought this beauty ($5) it would need to be tamed.  I don’t wear red very often, but I loved the floral pattern and figured I could give it a go.  I’m not sure if you can tell in the picture above, but this lovely dress has pocket flaps… but no pockets.  Those flaps were the first to go.

image (17)

image (16)

Next, I took my seam ripper, listened to approximately 20 clips of Jimmy Fallon’s Thank You Notes and got rid of those pesky sleeves.

image (19)

I used my handy, dandy roller cutter and took off the collar.

image (11)

The next part was the trickiest.  I wanted to reduce the amount of blousyness (it’s a word, probably, just go with it) so I brought the width of the strap in by pinning the edge of the sleeve to the inside edge of the collar— you following me here?— needless to say when I put the dress on and tried to button it up there was nowhere near enough room for the girls to squeeze in.  So that attempt was undone and brought out a couple of inches with essentially the same bra-busting result the second time.   Frustrated, I moved on to remove the bottom section of the skirt, abandoning my attempt at the top.

image (12)

I didn’t remove quite enough, so I took off another couple of inches, finishing with a slightly shorter than intended result, but I figure it’s almost fall I’ll slap on some leggings and it’ll be perfect.  I went back to the top and simply tucked the edge of the sleeve to do a 1/2″ hem and brought the sides from the waist to the armpit in about 1 1/2″.

I had to run so I threw on a denim button up, a belt, and I was ready to go for a pedicure and some girl time.

image (13)

Is it perfect? No. I’ll probably fiddle with shortening the torso or adding a different belt another day, but overall I’d say it was a successful refashion. Julia and I went to the thrift store and found a couple treasures (one for fifty cents!) and I’m going to make a few things for her this week. So, I’m off to go start on my next project. I may officially be addicted. I hope you make today beautiful!

image (14)


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