Day 7- Quick Fix for a Ripped Tunic

Guys, I’m the worst!  Except not, but I am posting this a day late (super lame, sorry).  Life just got away from me yesterday and next thing I knew the day was over and I had nothing to refashion!  I went by my favorite thrifty stores this morning and found this awesome tunic for $1!


But alas, there was a reason it was only a dollar…


There were holes all through the bottom portion along the front and back seams.  NOOOOOOOOOO.  So I made a rash decision to just chop it off…


Do I love it… no.  Do I like it… eh.  Do I look like I’m about to step on my scissors… boy howdy do I ever.  Maybe I’ll have to come back to this lovely shirt and find another way to spruce it up… maybe take the trim from the bottom and use it along the hem?  Who knows!

Well, I know I’ve had fun working on this refashion extravaganza over the last week and I want to give a shoutout to Jennifer for joining me on this challenge!  Go check out her blog for some awesome (and often more practical) refashions.  I love her recent t-shirt fix!  If you want to check out any of the other refashions from this week just click on the picture of it below and you can relive the craziness with me!  I’ll be out of the loop for the next week, because I have my Master’s defense, a job interview, and I really want to get some sleep. 🙂  Have a lovely day everyone, tell someone you love them today!

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IMG_1050IMG_1030 IMG_1020 IMG_1011 IMG_0995 IMG_0965[1]


Day 6- Wannabe Chambray Shirt

Hey guys, you ready for something besides a dress?  Yep, I know, it’s gonna be craaazy!  I found this floral button up for $1 on clearance from a local consignment store.


What can I say, it was a crazy pants kinda day.  First things first, I took my handy dandy seam ripper and removed the breast pocket.


Boom, pocketless shirt.


Next, I brought out some old friends, RIT dye Navy and Evening Blue.  I filled the washing machine with the hottest setting of water and about 1/6 of each bottle (all that I had left in each bottle).    IMG_1041

It looks a little bit scary, but I promise I’ve used RIT many times, I’ve never had problems with dye running or staining the machine.  If you’re going to use RIT, use the hottest setting for the best dye absorption and cold water to seal the color in during the rinse.


After letting the shirt dry I brought the sides and sleeves in ~1 inch on each side.  And voila!


Bonus: I think this turned out with a similar feel as a chambray shirt and I’ve been wanting one for awhile.   So, what will tomorrow bring?  It’s been a great week of refashions (if you’re just joining I’m on day 6 of a 7 day refashion challenge), don’t forget if you’ve been participating leave a comment and I’ll link you into my final post tomorrow!


Day 5- Little Black Dress

It’s been another late night and long day, but I am so excited to share tonight’s refashion with you!  It started out feeling thrilled in a little black dress I snagged on clearance in a local consignment store.


I’m in need of something business professional for my thesis defense next week and I think this dress will do the trick!  First, I removed the brass buttons (I’ll be saving those for a future project).


Next, I removed the sleeves and brought the lining up to adjust the fit.  I brought the waist in slightly and took out seams along the hips as much as the seams would allow.


Finally, I brought the sleeves in and cleaned up all the remaining seams.


And then I was just feeling a little Audrey Hepburn, what do ya think?

IMG_1029I was in sore need of a little black dress and I think this will be the perfect thing for my thesis defense next week!  I also have an interview so this might be the dress that helps me finish my graduate degree and get a job!  Do you think one dress can be that lucky?  I sure hope so!  This challenge has been fun and a great distraction during a stressful week.  I have something simple planned tomorrow, but it’ll be fun to see how it turns out! Two days left… happy sewing everyone!  IMG_1030

Day 4- No Sew Wrap Dress

Hello lovely people!

Today has been one of those days. You know what I mean: you have a million things to do, none of which you can put off, and you just have to push through and do your best.  I finished a presentation, met with my advisor, I was then told that the presentation needed to be completely revamped. I went to my office to work and was met with students who needed questions answered. I had to run to the airport to pick up my lovely roommate then I had to arrange snacks for my church youth meeting and get them across town.  Now I’m home and need to get to work on that presentation, but I have this challenge to do! (Now you see what I mean). After the craziness of today I was tempted to push today’s refashion to tomorrow, but then I realized it isn’t called a challenge for nothing! It is a challenge, but I’m not a complete masochist. I chose a project that would be a no sew refashion.  I started with a dress that’s been hanging around for a couple months just waiting to be spruced up.


Forgive the boots, it’s winter. Believe it or not this went from start to finish with only three simple steps.  Here we go!

First, I removed the shoulder pads.


Second, I laid the dress flat and made a cut down the center of the dress from the waist to the bottom of the skirt allowing the dress to be opened completely like a robe.

IMG_0673 IMG_0674

Third, I removed some length and left the edge raw (with the pleats you can’t even tell!)


Finally, I unbuttoned the cuffs and rolled the sleeves to elbow length. I safety pinned (or you could use a cute brooch!) the dress in place and voila!


I guess I wasn’t feeling particularly photogenic tonight, because all my smiling photos were super cheesy.  So we’ll go with something sassy, eh?  With the wrap the hem lays slightly askew, but I think it adds character!  Who said getting a better fit had to be difficult or take a sewing machine?  Tomorrow should have a few extra hours (or so I keep telling myself) so I’ll be working on a more in depth refashion.  Thank you for continuing to join me on this week long journey and if you’ve been working on projects send me pictures and I can feature you during the week!  Jennifer over at Days with a Lazy Writer and Busy Crafter worked through a tutorial adjusting the fit of v-neck tees.  I know I have a bunch of those lying around and may have to give it a try.  Go check out her post and see for yourself! If you had a crazy day like I did just remember you got through it and tomorrow we get to wake up and start again. Get some sleep guys, I know I need it!  I’ll see you tomorrow!


Day 3- Mom Jeans

Welcome back lovely humans!  Do you know what today is? It’s March 1.  And according to my bestie and college roommate Julia, that means it’s socially acceptable to lay outside and tan (unfortunately the weather hasn’t caught up with us yet).  To celebrate this wondrous occasion I decided to work on a piece for my summer wardrobe!

This afternoon started out like this:


Something I never thought I’d purchase was a pair of mom jeans for a dollar from a local consignment store.  (I tucked my shirt for a little extra pizzazz and entertainment). Obviously these puppies are not going to be worn like this, but I am so sad to admit they are stinkin’ comfortable!

First, I took off enough length to put them on and adjust the cuffs to where I would ultimately stitch them in place.  I’d recommend leaving yourself extra like this:


Try them on and then cut more.  You can always cut more later (I did!).  Another trick is to cut one leg and lay it on top of the second.  This way you can cut them evenly and you’ll avoid uneven legs!


Next, they got rolled and stitched to keep the hem from unrolling during wear.

IMG_0914I think they are really cute and simple at this point, but I wanted to add something special.  I used a coupon from Joann’s (never buy anything there full-price, there are always a million coupons online!) and purchased a yard and a half of lace trim. I cut two pieces and pinned them to the cuffs.

IMG_0916I lined up the top of the trim with the stitch on the cuff to hide the thread.  The lace flared out at the bottom slightly more than I had originally anticipated so I ran a second stitch along the bottom of the cuff securing the lace down. Finally I cut the second layer of lace from the trim (it was just too long for my taste.) Here’s a comparison:


A tip when you’re sewing lace to cuffs: make sure to leave yourself slack in the lace and use a wide stitch.  My first cuff I used a very short stitch and there was no give in the cuff when I tried them on.  I had to rip the stitches and reattach the lace so I could still stretch and be comfortable!  And here’s my best hipster impression (I’m not sure why, it’s late, just roll with me here)!

IMG_1008Do hipsters make peace signs or is that just stuck in the 70’s?  Anywho, that’s how I’m celebrating what Julia and I like to pretend to think is the beginning of warm weather.  Hopefully this cold snap figures itself out, because I’m craving sweet tea and laying out in the grass reading a book (that doesn’t have anything to do with school).  Also a shout out to Jennifer who is participating in this week long extravaganza!  She did an adorable job adding paws and cat ears to a sweatshirt (here’s a sneak peak):

Go check out the rest of her post here!  Happy sewing everyone, I’ll see you tomorrow!